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TotoCares Success Stories

Toto Grant Helps Konna Run Again

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Severely Broken Leg Requires Emergency Surgery

Struck by Car, But Saved by Amputation

Konna showed up on Prasia’s doorstep as a homeless pup in an urban community on the south side of Richmond. He was probably 6 months at the time and she quickly stole Prasia’s heart. Though young herself, Prasia knew the responsibility of adopting a dog and she worked hard to provide for Konna’s preventative vet care, food, toys and yes, even a bit of bling for Konna to wear. 

But while Prasia was away, someone stole the gate from the fence in front of her house, which led to Konna’s escape. Two days went by before she was found, and when she was, it was obvious that Konna had been hit by a car.  Her right front leg had been “degloved, meaning that the bone was exposed and severely broken. Prasia rushed Konna to the emergency veterinary clinic and was blindsided by the cost of the treatment that would be required. She had recently lost her job and was completely unprepared to pay for any of it. 

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