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A New Breed of Pet Insurance

Protect your pet while saving the life of another.

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Toto Cares


Millions of Dogs and Cats Are Euthanized Every Year Due to the High Cost of Veterinary Care

Your Toto Pet Insurance Policy Makes a Difference.

1 in 5 Dollars

of the fees we earn goes to veterinary care for dogs and cats with treatable conditions through our TotoCares Vet Fund.*

*Toto earns 15% of the premium.

Tap on the images below to learn more about each successful TotoCares case.

chance boxer
A Second Chance for A Boxer Renamed Chance
Young Gracelyn Saved By Toto Pet Insurance Policyholders
Young Gracelyn Recovers at Home After Infections T…
Toto Saves Another Pet
Life-Saving Intestinal Surgery for King
Great Dane recovers after Infection
A Great Story of an Inspirational Great Dane
Saving Pets like Trouble
Beloved Family Pet, Called Trouble, is Saved by To…
tank green shirt
Tank Comes Home
Pit Bull’s Intestines Cleared with Surgery
Oliver circle image
Family's Pup is Saved After Deadly Infection
indy circle image
Lifesaving Surgery For Stray Kitten
konna circle image
Toto Grant Helps Konna Run Again

Smart, Customizable Pet Insurance for You and Your Dog or Cat's Needs

Our goal is to make the process of purchasing pet insurance easier, less confusing and dare we


We get it. You need your payments...and fast! Most claims processed within 3-4 days.

Use Any
U.S. Vet

Love your vet? We totally understand. Feel free to use any vet you like in the U.S.


If you're not fully satisfied, you can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund.**


Receive up to 90% back for your vet bills and enjoy the benefits of unlimited annual coverage.


Opt in to our total protection with our Defender and DefenderPlus wellness and prevention coverage.


Choose the additional coverage options that makes the most sense for you and your pet.

**Not available in all states and only if no claims have been filed.

What's the Lifetime Cost of My Breed?

Calculate the health risk of your dog or your cat as well as the average Total Lifetime Cost you can expect to pay.

Breed health cost calculator

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We’re a Proud B Corp Certified Business

This means that we're a company dedicated to using business as a force for good through higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency. Our mission to save pets is of equal importance as our economic mission.