Hi, we’re Toto!

We believe that every pet deserves a lifetime of love, care, and unforgettable memories. That’s why we’ve designed fully customizable dog and cat insurance plans that don’t compromise on coverage, so you never have to think twice about getting them the veterinary care they need to thrive.

No Short Leash

Toto, your trusted sidekick, keeps your pets happy, healthy, and insured while keeping you in charge.

Lots of Heart 

We ensure (and insure) your pets can live their best lives, giving you peace of mind.

All Paws and Claws 

Whether you’ve got a giant lap dog or a cat with a dog’s personality, we’re here to embrace them all.

One Plan Simplicity

We make pet insurance as simple as a game of fetch, no jargon or schemes.

No Gotchas

No hidden fees, just clear coverage for all your furry family members.

What Friends of Toto have to say:

Great service made the move from another pet insurance company to Toto quick and painless. Their commitment to the customer and their love of our little guy was evident every step of the way. Feel very secure knowing Parker is well taken care of by Toto Pet Insurance. Highly Recommend!!

Ethan P.

Pet Parent

We are very fortunate to have found Toto Pet Insurance. Our girl Sasha went into a diabetic episode, and we had to take her to the animal hospital. Had we not had insurance, our bill would have exceeded 4K. Fortunately, our out of pocket was less than $900 because of Toto Pet Insurance. Absolutely the best pet insurance you can get. 100% recommended!

Brent W.

Dog Parent

My cat became ill unexpected and had to be observed overnight at the vet’s office. The bill was not cheap—but I submitted it to Toto and received my reimbursement quickly. What a relief! I would never have anticipated issues this early on, but Toto was there when I needed them. Thank you!

Cecilia E.

Cat Parent

We absolutely love Toto! They have really taken care of us and are always willing to help if we have questions about our coverage. We were super impressed with them when both Sasha and Calyton ended up in the emergency hospital. Highly recommended!

Eddie N.

Dog Parent

We are happy Toto customers and have been since the beginning. Five stars!

-Laura T.

Pet Parent

What do Toto pet insurance plans cover?

Every pet insurance plan comes with coverage for pre-existing conditions, nutritional supplements, and more, with no hidden fees.

Hereditary and Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing and hereditary conditions are fully covered after a 365 day waiting period. 

Emergency Care

From hospitalization and surgery, to treatment for toxin ingestion, injuries, and broken bones. 

Prescription Medications and Supplements

No more stress about getting your furry friend the meds they need. 

Alternative Therapies

Acupuncture, chiropractic care, aromatherapy and other holistic treatment options. 


Blood tests, X-rays, lab work, MRIs and CT scans.

Final Respects

Toto supports you as you say farewell and honor your pet’s memory with grace and respect.

We believe that every pet deserves a lifetime of love, care, and unforgettable memories.

Friends of Toto

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