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TotoCares Success Stories

Family's Pup is Saved After Deadly Infection

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Monetary Toto Grant Helps Single Mom Pay Vet Bills

If ever I questioned whether our TotoCares veterinary fund could make a difference in the lives of pets and their people, all doubts were put to rest when I met this sweet family.  

Mom works the night shift to provide for her children, whom she is raising on her own.  Her son, Aiden, and daughter, Sophie, both in elementary school, were elated one year ago when a friend’s dog unexpectedly had puppies and their mom agreed they could bring one into their family.

Little Sophie was given first-pick of the large mixed-breed litter.  Not surprising to her mom, Sophie chose the runt because she always roots for the underdog. They named him Oliver, and though they knew he had some labrador and some hound in his blood, the rest was a mystery.  They just knew he was full of affection, bounding in energy and more than a little bit curious. 

Perhaps it was his curiosity that got him into trouble, but it nearly ended his life just a year after it started...almost to the day. The first indication of a problem was when Oliver vomited large amounts of blue Playdoh. Usually not that toxic, as I know my kids ate their fare share of the stuff when they were young.

But when the family brought Oliver in for evaluation, the vet informed them that there was a much more serious bacterial infection lingering in Oliver’s lungs that likely had started weeks prior. Oliver’s infection wasn’t caused by Playdoh, but rather a pile of nasty ants that had bitten his entire face. 

Oliver was admitted to the veterinary hospital and a tube was placed in his chest to drain the bacterial fluid. The vet warned the required treatment and hospitalization would cost several thousands of dollars, money that the single mom didn’t have. After maxing out her Care Credit account, she turned to friends, family and her community for help.

And that’s where Toto came in to provide financial assistance to help save this needy pet that had become such an important part of this sweet family. As Mom says, she just didn’t want their first pet experience to end without doing everything they could to save Oliver.

And thankfully, it didn’t.  When I got to meet Oliver just a few days after his discharge, he was every bit of the energetic pup I can only imagine he was before this scary event. And the family, well, they are greatly relieved and enormously grateful to have their Underdog back home.

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