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TotoCares Success Stories

Pit Bull’s Intestines Cleared with Surgery

Apollo’s Family Grateful for TotoCares Grant

Out of this World Dog Gets Second Chance

Pit Bulls can have a bit of a reputation, but Apollo couldn't be more gentle and sweet with his young family.  And so you can imagine how distraught they were when he unexplainably starting vomiting for several days in a row. After a vet exam and x-rays, they found out he had an obstruction in his intestines.  The only treatment would be a major surgery, an $8000 expense that this family wasn't expecting or prepared to pay. When Toto heard about Apollo's case, we knew it was an excellent use of the TotoCares Vet Fund to help save this sweet guy's life. We're happy to report he is home with his adoring family getting the cuddles he needs to bring him back to full health. 

Apollo and his pack

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