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TotoCares Success Stories

Lifesaving Surgery For Stray Kitten

indy circle image
After Being Struck by a Car, Kitten Gets Second Chance

TotoCares Grant Helps Save His Life

As any fan of Indiana Jones knows, Professor Jones appears to have nine every movie. Perhaps that's why the staff at Wellesley Animal Hospital chose the name, Indy, for the stray kitten brought into their clinic after apparently being hit by a car. At just a few weeks old, this little baby was in bad shape, but proved he too is a survivor. The veterinarians treating Indy were familiar TotoCares, a fund available to vets to treat pets in need of vital emergency care. Once they contacted Toto Pet Insurance, their request was approved and Toto issued a $500 donation to help defray some of the clinic's costs of operating on the kitten. Thanks to the skilled hands of surgeon Dr. Lucy Haile at Wellesley, Indy was given a second chance. Not just at life, but also to be adopted once he's fully recovered. Toto policyholders make these success stories possible! Watch Indy's story and prepared to fall in love.

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