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TotoCares Success Stories

A Great Story of an Inspirational Great Dane

Great Dane recovers after Infection
Not just helping pets, helping their people too

Meet Velvet. She's a 3-year-old Great Dane that was born blind and deaf due to irresponsible breeding practices, but she’s found a loving home where she’s been able to overcome her disabilities. Recently, Velvet became sick and all of her joints began to swell. The vets were stumped as to what was causing it. After running a bevy of tests, they finally diagnosed her with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but by that point, Velvet’s bill had reached $10,000! Because her mom is also battling breast cancer, her parents simply couldn’t afford that staggering expense on their own. Thanks to her loving family, local pet charities, and a $500 grant from TotoCares Vet Fund, she is now safely at home beginning her long road to recovery.  Best of luck, Velvet!

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