You give your dog the world—why not pet insurance?

Toto dog insurance plans aren’t just about coverage, they’re about putting those delightful “extras” back in the treat bucket—not your bill.

Pre-Existing Conditions

After 365 days, we’ve got you covered for any health issues your pup had before joining Toto.

Quick and Easy Claims

On average, claims are processed and paid out in less than 7 days. Add another pup cup to your weekly coffee run—you’ve earned it!

Love for the Whole Fur Family

Enjoy a 5% multi-pet discount—that’s coverage for all your puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, and everything in between!

All Toto Pet Insurance plans have a 30-day Free Look period. If you’re not completely satisfied with your coverage in the first 30 days of your insurance plan, we’ll refund your premium 100%. No yarn strings attached

Begin your pet’s coverage today:

How does dog insurance work?

Submit claims and get paid:


Visit Any Vet

Yes, really—anywhere in the U.S. or Canada!


Snap and Submit

Grab a photo of your vet bill or invoice and upload it using our online portal.


Enjoy the Love, Not the Wait

While you’re busy with belly rubs, your reimbursement is on its way to your bank account in under 7 days on average (via direct deposit). 

Your budget. Your plan.

Here are three ways you can customize an affordable plan for your dog:


Lower your premium by choosing a higher deductible. Your deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before Toto starts paying you.


A higher percentage means more cash back. Your reimbursement is the percentage of each claim you’ll be paid back.

Annual Limit

How much you can be paid back within your coverage year. Most dog parents find $5,000 to be plenty, but there are options for all your pet’s health needs!

Create Your Plan

What does a Toto dog insurance plan cover?

Think of your Toto plan like health insurance for your dog. It’s not just there to cover life’s surprises, but to also make daily pet care a breeze.

All Toto plans include:

Emergency Vet Care

From hospitalization and surgery, to treatment for toxin ingestion, injuries, and broken bones.

Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery so you can focus on snuggles, not struggles.


Including blood tests, X-rays, lab work, MRIs and CT scans, so you can explore every avenue of care.

Prescription Medications

No more stress about getting your furry friend the meds they need.

Hereditary Conditions and Pre-Existing Conditions

We know things like hip dysplasia are a common worry, which is why they’re commonly covered in all Toto plans.


To help your dog feel like their most tail wagging self.

Is dog insurance worth it?

All the coverage you can shake a stick at. With dog health insurance from Toto, you can ensure your canine is feeling fine without worrying about the cost. See a Toto plan in action:

Picture this: you just baked a mouthwatering chocolate cake that your dog decided to gobble down. You’d drop everything to rush them to the vet for emergency care, no questions asked, right? Toto is here to make sure you don’t think twice about the vet bill, either.

Cost without Toto
Cost with Toto Pet Insurance*:
*Calculations based on an average Toto policy of 80% reimbursement with a satisfied $250 deductible.

Wellness Coverage for Daring Dogs

Make regular check-ups a walk in the park with optional Wellness Coverage. Annual vet care costs can make your budget howl. Dog parents spend more than $400 on average each year on preventive care.

With Toto dog insurance, regular check-ups become cash back with up to 90% reimbursement on routine care like vaccines, flea prevention, and more.


A microscopic ID tag to reunite you if your dog ever gets lost.


Help your dog fight common diseases like rabies.

Dental Care

For fresh, clean, and healthy doggy smiles.

Heartworm, Flea, and Tick Care

From prevention to deworming treatments, we’re here for all your adventurous pup’s needs!

Still have questions? 

Send us a message, we’d be happy to help.