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Activate a 30-Day
Certificate at No Cost

There is no credit card needed or commitment required to enroll.

Activate Certificate

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What's a 30-Day Certificate and Why Do I Need to Activate It?

Did you receive an activation code from your vet, shelter or rescue? Newly adopted dogs or cats who received a vet exam are elegible for 30 days of coverage through Toto Pet Insurance at no cost to you.

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Amount per Accident $500.00
Amount per Term $1,500.00
Deductible $100 per Term
Reimbursement 80%
Accident Coverage 1 Day
Illness Coverage 5 Days

At the end of the 30-day period, you may continue the coverage for your pet by purchasing the comprehensive CompanionCare coverage.

If you choose to extend your certificate, you and your pet will enjoy continuous coverage without having to restart your waiting periods or deductible.

Please note: the Toto Pet Insurance Certificate is not available in all states.

Eligible Expenses Examples

Veterinary Treatment & Surgical Procedures Yes
Emergency Visits to 24/7 Clinics Yes
Prescription Medications Yes
Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests Yes
Hospitalization Yes
Specialist Visits Yes
Cancer Coverage Yes
Activate Certificate

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