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toto cares

Our mission is to empower pet parents and give pets the affordable, quality health care they deserve. We also know that not all pets have a warm and loving home, so we’ve created toto cares to help sponsor those pets in need.

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You get a Toto policy, and we match your policy to a shelter or adoption clinic in our network.


Every month, we take 1 out of every 5 dollars we earn and put it in our Toto Cares fund.


Every quarter, we donate that money to our shelters in need and share those stories here!

Success Stories

We are so proud of our Toto Cares success stories and are so very grateful to the policyholders who make it all possible. Discover how Toto Cares makes a difference in the lives of a cherished pet.

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Join our movement to save lives

By simply buying a Toto pet insurance policy, Toto's members are committing to helping vulnerable animals find a safe and loving home, as well as protecting their own pet's health.

Get Insured and Save Lives