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Financial Medical Aid and Assistance for Other Less Fortunate Pets

As a policyholder, you help ensure that all cats and dogs receive the financial assistance they need for medical aid.

About Totocares

Making Sure That No Pet is Put Down Before Their Time

Like you, we're crazy about our pets. We're also deeply concerned about the welfare of all cats and dogs who need medical aid. We believe that the cost of veterinary care should not be a barrier to quality healthcare. That's why we created TotoCares.

How TotoCares Works

Your purchase
You purchase Toto Pet Insurance to protect your pet.
Your purchase
A portion of your payment goes to a fund for vets to use.
Your purchase
Vets use the funds to treat pets that may otherwise be put down.

See Some of Our Success Stories

We are so proud of our TotoCares success stories and are so very grateful to the policyholders who make it all possible. Discover how TotoCares makes a difference in the lives of a cherished pet.

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